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Carrier Integration

Seamlessly integrate freight forwarders and parcel services in the SAP Supply Chain

The HPC.EWM Carrier Integration Interface (CIIF) developed by HPC combines the SAP Express Shipment Interface (ESI) standard that is included in SAP® EWM and the carrier integration backend from the IT company AEB in a streamlined solution.

Fig. 1 Process Overview HPC.EWM Carrier Integration IF

Hassle-free Carrier Integration

With the SAP® EWM ESI framework, the connection of transport service providers (carriers) and their specific requirements proves to be quite complex. The solution from HPC uses the ESI standard in order to control the carrier integration backend from AEB via just one interface. In turn, AEB handles the connection of the transport service providers. For companies with SAP, ERP offers the plug-in ATC :: Carrier Integration.


Companies can seamlessly integrate all carriers into SAP® EWM and additionally profit from the benefits of a low-maintenance, intuitive, and streamlined process.